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Treating sports injuries with chiropractic care

More and more, hospitals are adopting chiropractic care as a part of regular treatments for various ailments, despite chiropractic treatments typically falling into the category of “traditional” or “alternative” medicine. So what, exactly, are chiropractic treatments?

Joshua Pridemore, DC, a chiropractor with Southwell Chiropractic, explains, “Chiropractors focus on musculoskeletal care—diagnosing and treating patients with neck and back pain, along with other injuries and illnesses stemming from falls, sports injuries, and other pain and inflammation.”

By adjusting and aligning the joints, chiropractic treatments aim to reduce pain either without or as a complement to more standard medical treatments. Can a chiropractor help yo u with your pain? That depends.

Dr. Pridemore shares that many patients experience improvements in chronic back pain (that always comes back after your ibuprofen or Tylenol has worn off) and neck pain, as well as pain resulting from injuries from moving furniture or getting hurt during sports or other activities. The spine has over 100 joints, allowing for flexibility and range of movement.

If you or your child have been playing sports for years, you know that injuries can be pretty common. Sometimes, these injuries can be serious, and you’ll need to see a specialist. If you’ve experienced a sports injury, here’s how you can know if it’s time to see the doctor:

IF THE PAIN GETS WORSE—If your pain increases with physical activity or over time, it’s a sign that it may not be healing appropriately.

IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST AFTER REST—Even if your pain doesn’t get worse, if, after 24-48 hours of rest, you’re still feeling pain or discomfort, you may need a physician’s help.

IF ITS LEADING TO OTHER ACHES AND PAINS—If you’re experiencing pain that isn’t the result of a direct injury, it may be a sign that your injury is affecting other areas.

If you’re experiencing musculoskeletal pain, contact Southwell’s chiropractors at 229-353-2025.

You can also learn more about chiropractic care from Dr. Pridemore by listening to this episode of the Live Well podcast.