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Georgia Sports Medicine’s spine and neck program brings together skilled surgeons and specialty trained nurses, therapists, and technicians to provide seamless, coordinated care.  Leading the program is Edward W. Hellman, MD.  Dr. Hellman serves the South Georgia region as an orthopedic and spinal surgery sub-specialist. In an effort to provide the finest in specialized spinal care to his patients, Dr. Hellman has gone on to receive additional training in spinal surgery by completing a fellowship in spinal surgery beyond his residency, and then went on to become double board certified in both the fields of orthopedic surgery and spinal surgery. This extra training has prepared Dr. Hellman to perform a wide variety of spinal surgeries from the complex spinal deformities such as scoliosis to emerging spinal surgeries such as the artificial disc replacement and endoscopic LASER disc surgery. Dr. Hellman’s goal is to bring the highest level of spinal care to the residents of South Georgia – the same level of care they would receive if they traveled several hours to a major university spinal center-but with the convenience of being close to home. In addition to Dr. Hellman’s extensive education and training, he has also published articles and presented lectures on spinal surgeries to both lay-people as well as other surgeons.

Spine and Neck Services


Cervical Radiculopathy Surgery


Spinal Fusions


Spinal Stenosis


Herniated Disk Repair


Spinal Injections


Disk Replacement Surgery




Cervical Fractures


Cervical Spondylosis

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Percent of Spine/Neck Patients Discharged Home

Our Spine and Neck program brings together skilled surgeons and specially trained nurses, therapists, and technicians to provide seamless, coordinated care.  An orthopedic care coordinator oversees the program and patient outcomes.  Each patient receives a comprehensive binder explaining their upcoming surgery.  Pre-operative classes prepare you for your surgery and your recovery process.  Patients designate a “coach” to be an active part of their care.  Daily newsletters alert patients on their schedule for the day.  We monitor your recovery through each step and help you continually improve so you can get back to what’s important.  

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