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2021 Hospital Transparency Information

Financial and Organizational Information Regarding Our Hospital

One of the key pillars of a vibrant community is access to quality health care. The results of many studies investigating the topic all come to a similar conclusion: 

“Healthcare services are important to community and economic development not only in terms of the employment and labor income generated in the local economy, but also to attract and retain business and industry. Quality of life issues that include healthcare access and a robust set of healthcare providers are important factors for a business seeking to relocate its facilities” (RuralHealthInfo.org).

Hospital systems are led by a board comprised of independent, local leaders who are aware of the overall impact that healthcare services have on the community.

At a time when healthcare services are at risk in rural markets, our local board is committed to attract the necessary talent to keep our system as one of the healthiest in the state. Our strength allows us to offer a broad array of quality medical services, while making significant investments back into the community through new infrastructure, millions of dollars of economic impact, and millions of dollars of indigent care for our most vulnerable populations.

The subsequent information provides a detailed report on how the local board governs the hospital system, its administrators, and the medical staff it employs to deliver the lifetime of care our community members want and deserve.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Community Health

Tift Regional Health System is a growing, not-for-profit hospital system serving 12 counties in South Central Georgia and population of over 260,000. Tift Regional Health System is comprised of Tift Regional Medical Center, Southwell Medical, and numerous physician practices located throughout the region.

Through this integrated network, Tift Regional Health System offers the community access to more than 140 physicians with expertise in over 30 specialties and employs 2,600 talented staff.

Our dedicated workforce strives every day to provide high quality and safe care to all patients, and to make our community a better, more desirable place to live.

Tift Regional Health System’s growth has allowed our services to expand and provide the community with a wide-range of care, including signature services in surgery, oncology, cardiovascular care, women’s health, neurodiagnostics, geriatric psychiatric care, radiology and more.

In addition, we continue to invest in our local communities and deliver high quality and patient-centered care. We provide $77.8 million in charitable and indigent care and have a $607.3 million impact on the local economy. More specifically, Tift Regional Health System provides:

Tift Regional Health System has made significant investments (completed and in process) that directly benefit our local community

In December 2021, the new tower at Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) officially opened. The patient tower is a four story building expansion onto the existing structure of TRMC and added an additional 263,000 square feet to the facility. Part of the project also included renovations to the current facility to allow for a seamless connection to the new building, dramatically changing the main entrance of the hospital. TRMC retained its 181-bed license as the tower allowed for all semi-private rooms to be converted to private throughout the facility.

In April 2019, we unveiled a new mobile health clinic. This six-wheeled unit, about the size of a bus, will be used by Tift Regional Health System to better reach medically-underserved areas within the community.

In June 2019, we broke ground on a new $150 million patient tower at Tift Regional Medical Center that is scheduled to open in late 2021. The facility will provide private patient rooms and a new emergency department.

Also in October 2019, we completed the Cook Medical Center replacement facility (Southwell Medical) consisting of a hospital, primary care clinic, and skilled nursing facility at Cook Medical Plaza ($50 million investment) right off exit 37 on Interstate 75.

In 2018, Tift Regional Health System completed the Musculoskeletal Center on our Tifton West Campus ($22 million) which offers a Joint and Spine center and a variety of therapy and rehabilitation services to our patients.

A new Electronic Health Record was successfully implemented in 2018 that allows all services and information to be integrated and linked across a single system ($50 million).

Our Organizational Structure

The Tift County Hospital Authority (the “Hospital Authority”) restructured its operations in accordance with the Georgia Hospital Authorities Law on March 1, 2019, by leasing or transferring its assets associated with, or used in the operation of its health care facilities and clinics to a 501(c)(3) corporation, Tift Regional Health System, Inc.

The information below is for year ending September 30, 2021 and reflects the hospital’s status under the Hospital Authority; updated information under the hospital’s status as a 501(c)(3) corporation will be posted as it becomes available.


The documents posted below are in a PDF file format and are in accordance with Georgia HB 321 and HB 186 regulations. All information reflects Tift Regional Health System, Inc.’s policies and practices or as filed under the Hospital Authority. All financial and program reports are considered complete and accurate in all material aspects.

List of Hospital Joint Ventures and Ownership Interests

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Listing of Hospital Indebtedness

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Going Concern Note of Hospital Financial Statements

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