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What You Need to Know About Knees

With back to school season comes a return to sports for young athletes, and if proper precautions are not taken, this can also mean sports injuries. We talked to Georgia Sports Medicine’s newest orthopedic surgeon Clint Cawley, MD, about common types of knee injuries and ways to prevent them.

What are the most common causes of knee injuries?
CC: A majority of knee problems are a result of unexpected injuries while playing sports, or taking part in other forms of physical activity. Usually it’s sports that involve quick explosive movements like cutting, jumping, or landing awkwardly.

What are easy ways to prevent injury?
CC: Make sure to stretch, especially before working out. Some simple, everyday ways to prevent injury include swimming, walking, maintaining your weight, and wearing supportive shoes to keep your posture balanced and your feet and knees supported.

What knee injuries need surgery?
CC: The majority of knee injuries seen can be treated without surgery, but for those injuries that need surgery the ACL, PCL, or meniscal tears are most common.

What is Arthroscopic knee surgery?
CC: The advantage of this surgery is that is offers repair of injured structure through a small scope, allowing a less invasive approach to expose the joint. Oftentimes patients receiving knee arthroscopy decreased post-operative pain and recovery time.

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