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Small screen, big problems?

TV, phone, and computer time can be great for keeping kids quiet and occupied. However, according to Katie Hudgens, MD, with Southwell Medical Adel Primary Care, kids who spend less time staring at a screen tend to get more exercise, sleep better, and make healthier food choices.

Try Dr. Hudgen’s tips below for weaning kids off the screen.
• Set a good example: Model healthy habits for your kids by reading a book, crafting, or exercising during free time.
• Schedule screen time: Instead of giving kids daily screen time “allowance,” limit screen time to certain hours of the day.
• Be involved: Play with your kids and make time for fun family activities that don’t involve staring at a screen, such as going on a nature walk.

Looking for a new doctor for your child or yourself? Dr. Katie Hudgens specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, meaning she can see patients of all ages at Southwell Medical Adel Primary Care. Call 229-896-8500 to make an appointment with Dr. Hudgens. Same day appointments are available, and walk-ins are also accepted. Visit www.mysouthwell.com/southwell-medical-adel-primary-care for more information.