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Southwell opens sleep medicine clinic

Southwell recently remodeled its sleep center and is now offering a new sleep medicine clinic.

“This sleep medicine clinic is a little different from what we previously offered with our sleep center,” said Brett Walker-Rutherford, practice manager of the sleep clinic. “Previously, your primary care physician would send in orders for a sleep study. We would do the sleep study, but we would turn everything back over to your primary care physician. Now, we are able to truly do sleep medicine and follow the patient from their sleep study through their sleep disorder treatment.”

At this new sleep medicine clinic, Dr. Swathi Nutakki, a physician trained specially in sleep medicine diagnoses and sleep distorders, will help patients get more restful sleep and address related health concerns.  Dr. Nutakki is a dedicated sleep specialist who will be with patients through every step of their sleep evaluation, from the initial exam to comprehensive testing and follow up care.

“We will be there with you from the beginning for your sleep medicine journey to the end,” said Walker-Rutherford. “Our expert team will work tirelessly to get you the quality sleep you need.”

In addition to the new sleep medicine offerings, the location for the sleep center has also been remodeled and now features a luxurious, resort-like space for sleep studies and treatment.

For more information, call 229-353-7425.