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Southwell encourages families to make time for well-child visits this summer

With the kids out of school for the summer, Southwell is encouraging families to use this opportunity to schedule their child’s well visits before school starts back again.

While parents may question the point of taking their child to the doctor when they are feeling healthy and well, well-child visits are an important step in maintaining a child’s health and wellness.

“Well-child visits help us as providers to look at your child’s mental and physical health and make sure they’re on track with their growth and development,” said Dr. Casey Conner with Ocilla Pediatrics. “We do your child’s required vaccinations at these appointments as well. While no one likes to think about there being any issues with their child, these visits do give us the time to look for any issues and address them quickly if we find any. It’s also a great opportunity for you, the parents or caregivers, to ask us any questions or raise any concerns that you might have.”

Conner said that at a typical well-child visit, they give any needed vaccinations, examine children’s growth, make sure children are on track for age appropriate milestones, and look at their overall health and well-being. An annual well-child visit is also a good opportunity for a sports physical for children who are looking to participate in competitive sports.

“These visits are covered by insurance, including Medicaid,” said Conner. “Before your children go back to school, take the time to schedule a well-child visit for them.”

To schedule a well-child visit at Ocilla Pediatrics, call 229-468-7323. Southwell also has two other pediatric practices: Affinity Pediatrics of Tifton and Affinity Pediatrics of Moultrie. To schedule an appointment in Tifton, call 229-353-7337. For Moultrie, call 229-985-1293.