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Southwell hosts first graduation since redesigning Transition to Practice Nurse Residency program

Southwell announced that they recently held a graduation for the first class of nurses who participated in their inaugural Transition to Practice (TTP) Nurse Residency Program, since the program’s redesign.

The program was redesigned to align with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP) guidelines to support new nurses at Southwell with the best evidenced-based educational practices.

The TTP Nurse Residency Program was designed to help support new graduate nurses’ development from students to competent, professional nurses. “This program provides monthly evidenced-based learning activities that are developed with not only a focus on enhancing clinical reasoning skills, but also empowering new nurses holistically,” says Candice Thornton, Clinical Educator and TTP Nurse Residency Coordinator for Southwell.

Nurse residents participate in a graduation celebration after the year-long program completion.  During the celebration, residents present their evidence-based practice improvement projects to their peers and various leaders throughout the organization.  “This is the new nurses’ opportunity to shine! These projects allow them to advocate for best practice changes to better care for our patients,” says Thornton. 

Southwell currently offers the residency program twice a year in the spring and fall. The program evolves to the needs of the current needs of the community and organization.

“There were 16 total nurse residents in this graduating cohort and we are excited to announce their accomplishments,” Thornton says. The following nurses graduated in February:

Anthony Brey, Progressive Care Unit

Amanda Brown, Obstetrics

Joel Chaves, Progressive Care Unit

Caroline Dalton, Emergency Department

Khadijha Davis, Medical West

Alana Durrance, Obstetrics

Alexander Eason, Intensive Care Unit

Daisey Estrada, Medical West

Brooke Hinson, Emergency Department

Hugh Lewis, Cardiac Stepdown Unit

Tabathia Pollock, Intensive Care Unit

Rebecca Reckley, Emergency Department

Jade Short, Emergency Department

Autumn Sumner, Obstetrics

Briana Waters, Pediatrics

Kayland Winter, Cardiac Stepdown Unit

“We are incredibly proud of all the nurse residents who participated in this first program. It is so encouraging to see their enthusiasm to improve their skills and their drive to become better nurses. We highly encourage any new nurse at Southwell to reach out to learn more about how to participate in our next program,” says Thornton.

Requirements to participate in the program are:

  • Currently employed with Southwell
  • Must be an RN or LPN graduate from an accredited nursing program
  • Must have one year or less nursing experience

For more information about this program, contact Candice Thornton at Candice.thornton@mysouthwell.com.