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Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy at Tift Regional Medical Center

The stakes are high with lung cancer, yet the possibility of overcoming the disease is real.  How? Through early detection.

Pulmonary medicine and critical care specialist Dr. Rubal Patel with Southwell Medical Clinic is now offering Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy, a groundbreaking robotic-assisted procedure designed to transform the way we approach the diagnosis of lung cancer. Procedures are performed at Tift Regional Medical Center.

  • Quicker recovery times
  • Less discomfort for patients
  • Enhanced precision
  • Increased diagnostic confidence

The Ion system specializes in minimally-invasive biopsies, allowing for the precise collection of tissue samples from deep within the lung. This is particularly significant for patients, as early-stage diagnosis can often be elusive due to the complexity of certain parts of the lung. Talk to your provider about a referral.  For more information, please call 229-391-4200.