Diversity and Inclusion

Southwell Facilities strive to promote an environment for all employees and the patients we serve where diverse cultures, abilities and backgrounds are respected and every person is treated equally.


Overview of Strategy

Our diversity strategy is built upon our core values of promoting a healthy, diverse and inclusive environment, both for those who work at Southwell Facilities and the patients and communities we serve. To deliver on our commitment to foster this culture, our efforts include:

  1. Listen and Learn – To help guide our growth and ensure our policies include input from our entire organization, we are holding regular listening sessions with employees.
  2. Educate and Train – We are incorporating specific diversity and inclusion education content in employee training and professional development curriculum.
  3. Support Diverse and Inclusive Policies – Our commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace is reflected in our organization’s policies.
  4. Reflect our Community – Southwell Facilities are committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. Our diverse workforce reflects the cultural differences of the communities we serve, and each of our more than 2,600 employees contributes to delivering quality health care in the region.
  5. Lead by Example – We recognize that healthy communities are those whose citizens appreciate diversity and promote fairness, equality and social justice for all. We aim to provide quality care in our community while also leading by example to promote an environment where differences are appreciated and discrimination is not tolerated.

“At Southwell, it is our mission to care for the health needs of our patients and the communities we serve – and it is our commitment to do so with kindness, compassion and respect for all. We recognize that everyone is different – and our culture at Southwell respects those differences. In leading by example, we aim to help facilitate healing and drive meaningful change in the communities we serve.”      – Chris Dorman, CEO

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership

 Diversity and Inclusion Council

The Diversity and Inclusion Council is created to lead and strengthen Southwell Facilities’ work to foster a culture in which diversity and inclusion are embraced in the work environment and in patient care. Council membership is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who represent various aspects of our organization – frontline employees, Medical Staff Members, executive leadership and members of the Southwell Facilities’ governing boards – to ensure diverse and inclusive points of view are a part of these important conversations.

Jill McIntyre, MSN, RN, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness

“In fulfilling our mission to provide high quality care to the communities we serve, we are committed to promoting a healthy, inclusive environment that embraces differences and does not tolerate discrimination in any form.”       – Jill McIntyre, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness

As Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness, Jill McIntyre, MSN, RN, oversees the Southwell Facilities’ diversity and inclusion strategy and serves as Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council. In this role, Jill works hand-in-hand with the Council to ensure Southwell’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is unambiguous throughout the Facilities.

Jill has served the Southwell community in a number of different roles over the last 19 years. Her experience varies from inpatient nursing and nurse informatics to leadership of the clinical applications team. Jill’s background in leadership within the information technology (IT) and human resource departments coupled with her clinical knowledge and the trust she has built within the organization has positioned her well to lead Southwell’s diversity and inclusion efforts.